(adj.) A handmade, eco-friendly and cost-saving ball of wool which naturally softens and unwrinkles clothes in the tumble dryer.


Hi, welcome to Souncerre. We are Georgia and Harry. This is our business. 

We setup this website with a vision of creating a platform where great products could be sold at an inclusive price - wool dryer balls were our starting point. 

As students, we soon realised the struggles of being financially independent and so we wanted to make a change, whereby we could create beneficial products at affordable prices. Inclusivity is a core value of our business and we seek to resonate this in the products we offer.

Wool dryer balls were a great place to start: Eco-friendly, cost-saving and all natural. We want to continue this concept of added value products and our ideas will always consider you, the customer.

So, welcome! We hope you like our products and we hope our products can add great value to your life. 

Please check in on us again as we are constantly researching and developing new products, with our next product launch in August 2020!

Our Products


High Quality

We sustainably source our products from around the globe, maintaining premium standard and affordable prices.


Our products are not only fairly priced, but they're also proven to help keep more money in your back pocket.

Go For Green!

Eco-Friendly. Sustainable. Green. This is what we consider when sourcing our products. You can buy with confidence that our products take us closer to a greener planet.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 You, the customer, are at the forefront of our business. We are dedicated to ensuring you are more than pleased with our service from start to finish.

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